Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Katie Holmes now has a Hero

Well, they couple are alive and arguably well it seems...we definitely haven't seen the last of them yet. Katie is still going for the tried and true media strategy of sounding like she's on a wicked mixture of Vicodin and crack. She says:
"I've been a fan of his for so long... When you find yourself in love with
someone like that for real, it's almost like being in a dream. A very nice dream...He's the smartest man. Full of life...I love him. I feel like it's a privilege to have met him and become part of his world
Somewhere in the mess of an interview she says that Tom is her "hero"...Frankly, I don't disagree with her...I personally know Tom is a true hero...saving burning buildings or people from tornadoes??? That's glibby kids stuff. Saving a comfortably well-off B-grade actress from mild obscurity? Now that's Wow.

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psst...Katie...pulling off Jackie-O sunglasses is much easier when you're not going through a period of psychotic derangement...don't think those vitamins can save you now.

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Veggieboo said...

"He's so full of life. And he's alive. And not lifeless but lively. Very full of living."

Franci said...

Let me caption this photo.

Katie's grin's all: 'But, Tom dear, don't squeeze me like that. It hurts!'

See, how well my theory is supported by the expression of the black lady in the back of the photo.

pklink said...

She always looks like she's showing her teeth to her dentist when she's smiling.

Anonymous said...

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Miz Dez said...

haha look @ the chick in the back ground ~ "holy crap, these people are NUTS!!"

Anonymous said...

Is there an internet dating site where I can find girls who think it is a privilege just to be part of my life?

I know I'm not Tom Cruise, but I don't have a psuedoreligious cult to get sucked into either.

Does any rational person think those sunglasses look good? She looks like an extra from a bad 70's Sci-Fi film.

Yail Bloor

SleazyRed said...

hilarious entry!

Janae said...

HE looks as though he's holdling onto her and smiling hugely, both for dear life.

SHE looks as though she still feels compelled to join in the madness he has lured her into...God help her! And not the alien kind!

Elisa said...

hehe, you guys are funny, thanks sleazy :) got 5million on hand to giveaway to a lucky girl?I think that after that small token there would probably be a few girls on hand to say anything about you in interviews :)

ali said...

hehehe, she looks like a fly!!! those glasses are so damn wrong for her... and she was once so adorable!

thanks elisa, no matter how grumpy i am, your blog always cheers me up :) its fantastic!

GrinforGrin said...

I predict a long and happy life together, mostly because Tom has finally found someone who isn't more than an inch taller to date. Nicole and Tom always looked so out of place next to each other.

starbuck said...

Tom Cruise I SO adorable! He has the best smile and looks like an all around great person. Then, "scientology freak" creeps into my mind and I realize he is just cuckoo. Sad, to because he is really

andromeda said...

is there somewhere where i can get me a pair of 'katie holmes bug eye glasses' ???

Elisa said...

hehe ali, glad to hear that I'm of service to you :) I don't know...I see a similar uncomfortable-ness between know how she's always trailing behind with her head down? Very similar to the Nic n Tom started andromeda, I'm going to look into it and try to sell the crazy sunnies through my everyone can look just as crazy!

Anonymous said...

The two of them look creepy... & they sure made the woman in the background look hot.

Jack Bennett said...

She does realize he's just a short, middle-aged actor and not, like, a real HERO right? Please tell me I'm right...cause the alternative is scary.

Elisa said...

haha...I hope so...actually I was going to uni today (my uni is in the city) and I saw "Free Stress Test" with some tables on the know who it was??? the Scientologists!!! They had their stupid e-meters out measuring people and piles and piles of l.ron hubbard books to sell...I yelled out "you're a cult" and walked off...I know...not much. :)

Franci said...

C'mon, middle aged men make the best heroes!
I mean, too young a hero can be either selfish or not wise enough and too old a man can lack the strength.

Height is not a very important factor, and in fact, if you are to fight, being tall is a diadvantage.

Franci, who is not a T.C. fan at all, but wanted to say something for the ageing heroes :))

william said...

According to Urban Dictionary,

1. Jumping on couches

To jump on a couch means to openly express your love or infatuation with someone. Couch jumpers are usually rich actors who appear on a nationally televised show to show off their new girlfriend.

Tommy was so enthralled by his new found love Kathy that he started jumping on couches.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

All we need now is a Scientology Barbie doll. They can make a Tom doll to go along with it. Life-sized.

Anonymous said...

She has a horrible smile.

Elisa said...

haha...I thought they'd already found the barbie doll: Katie.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, does anyone think those giant glasses are attractive?

Elisa said...

I think some people can work the big glasses...depends on they style...but then again,some people just can't, amply demonstrated here.