Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lindsay gets down in the Hamptons

I'm with ya Lindsay. Whenever I want to divert people's attention away from the fact that I'm going to a double Coke-and-Laxative snort, I usually point my finger in the air...and because I'm so golden and mesmerising..people all look up, and they become *hic* mesmerised...and it's so beautiful. ..*hic*...jusss like me.

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eV said...

When will she realise her eyebrows look disgusting? Oh wait, replace the word 'eyebrows' with the words hair/face/body. That makes more sense.

DrDiSaia said...

Well I guess this means that she smokes.....can't go blaming her breast lift results entirely upon her surgeon now. With all that partying how's a girl supposed to find time to heal?

John Di Saia MD

SleazyRed said...

"please sir I would like some more?" To the nearest coke dealer.

GrinforGrin said...

perhaps she's found Religion and is giving props to the man who made it possible for her to get 'closer to heaven'

Elisa said...

hehe, you guys are funny :)
p.s. yeah doc, she smokes, but I think it's a recent thing?...came about the same time she lost all that weight.