Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Paris Hilton...again

The woman in the black bathers in the background looks mighty huffy and upset. And who wouldn't be? She's obviously shelled out quite a bit for her implants and the trip to St Tropez, only to be usurped at ze last minute by a blonde praying-mantis channelling French crooner Polnareff...who just happens to be shopping??? I'm with ya lady in black...I feel your pain.

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But don't worry lady in black...I have a feeling you might be getting the last least your fiance doesn't think wearing a bumbag/fannypack is an all-occasions accessory. These two are down the altar.

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Unknown Soldier said...

Yes.....I like this blog, but I really need time and many visits to read all the posts.

Would you mind?

Saludos desde Mexico

Elisa said... go ahead :) Archives are ready and waiting for you :)

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is she always talking to on that damn cell phone all the time? Is she NEVER 'in the moment'?? Is the conversation always greener over the air waves?? Is anyone else as sick of her and that sickening smirk pasted on her face as I am?????

Adam E. Robinson said...

I used to dress like that douche bag back in the day (the guy, not Paris, ha ha). Guess that makes me a bit of a douche bag, eh? ... ... Now I'm sad.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Paris always turn her face to the side when she's photographed. She looks positively bizaar head on, like her head has been run over by a truck or something. Egad!

(Not the only thing WIDE on Ms. Hilton, is it?)

Ashley said...

He is actually gay. The only reason he is with her is because for some reason i just cant for the life of me understand, she is famous and he wants more publicity. Its not enought to just be loaded.

Daisy Mae said...

Who the hell carries a shopping bag on the beach? What a freak. "Hello, I'm so rich and spolied that I can shop on a beach even though there are no stores on the beach". But your boyfriend is still a fashion nightmare toots! You can dress 'em up but you can't take 'em out.

Will_P said...

There is simply no one on this planet more annoying than Paris. And I thought she had split up with this guy, or is it some other guy. Who can keep up with her.

Elisa said...

yeah...that girl is going to get a brain tumour or something. Don't worry may have dressed like that...but the real douchebag criteria lies in the choice of fiance. :)

Janae said...

Elisa thank you for being so prolific with your pix and commentaries! I look forward to this site so much everyday.

LA said...

Wow, she'll definitely shop anywhere... even in the ocean.

Paris is just so wrong in too many ways.

Blue said...

I have to admit, if I had access to half the money Paris does, I'd probably be the same way... minus the skankiness (I hope! haha!)

Elisa said... would be nice to have the $ that Paris does...although I doubt I would want the 24hour attention that she problem janae,

andromeda said...

haha barbie and bum-bag ken!!!

Anonymous said...

She is not Barbie. True, she is slutty and blonde, but Barbie is atleast pretty.

andromeda said...

...barbie is not pretty

barbie is plastic - like paris

GrinforGrin said...

eeeek! have just reviewed the second photo after anon's comments, her jaw is wider than a chevy dual-axis pickup! the modern three-quarter profile is Not kind to this homage to the surgeon's art.

Elisa said...

haha...yeah she does have a wide face...but she works it well. Her body looks fab though...I was just looking at it's fantastic.

Jen said...

Look at her weird leg muscles though...they're almost square, unless that's just the lighting. I guess I should be glad that she actually HAS leg muscles and not the toothpicks that other "stars" are sporting.

eV said...

Her thighs and knees actually do kind of look chunky in the second pic.. There is a God, yays!
I'm also totally digging the Sponge-Paris Squareface look.