Monday, August 01, 2005

Orlando Bloom is pretty happy with himself

Orlando is looking pretty pleased with himself today...and what guy who manages to 'kiss' Sienna wouldn't? Especially when Sienna's ex-fiance; Jude Law, is trying to get her back with lame, lame lines such as "Please have my babies, Sienna". A turn-on, I'm sure you would agree for any's so fitting, especially when you think that the woman Jude had the affair with was a carer of babies...Orlando...with competition like that...I'm saying...the cat's in the bag sugar.

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El Tete said...


Just to inform you that my blog has been officically linked to yours. If you wanna have a look at it, help yourself (I hope you can understand Spanish)

Take care, and keep informing us.

Elisa said...

Claro que entiendo me llamo Elisita para nada :) Voy a mirar tu sitio ahora. Gracias por tu link-up el tete,

GrinforGrin said...

That's right Orlando, give yourself a Big Hug!

Ashley said...

He looks icky.